Greg Rowe
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West Australian Landcsapes and Seascapes

West Australian Landcsapes and Seascapes

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About Me

My passion with photography is to capture my interpretation of the Australian landscape, to reveal to the viewer an aspect of the land or sea that might have otherwise have passed them by.
I was involved in my own business (children's fantasy photography, from 1998-2003. After selling the business I decided to follow my true passion, landscape photography. While living in Perth my works were displayed at the Oakover Winery Gallery in the Swan Valley.
I am now living in Bridgetown, Western Australia, in the heart of the southwest. My current photographs reflect the landscapes and seascapes of this dynamic and beautiful area.

landscapes and seascapes and everything in between photography by greg rowe

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Latest News...

Afternoon at Sugarloaf Rock won first prize at the annual Pemberton Easter Photographio competition as well as picking up the people's choice award!
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